Staff Members

Amy Jackson—Designer
Amy has worked in the design industry as an assistant to interior designers and also has experience as an Esthetician. After spending several years in the work force she is now blessed to be able to work from home and spend her time with her beautiful daughter, Jolee, who often models as one of our adorable “Little Darling’s”. Amy’s work as an assistant to interior designers melds well with the designs she creates for our “Little Darlings” Collection; she has a real knack for creating quality products that our customers love. One of Amy’s loves is to create beautiful headpieces and room decor; many of her inspirations come from her daughter. Amy works hand in hand with Natalie, another one of our designers.

Nadine photo for Staff pageNadine Davies –Sales Rep
Nadine’s past experience as a sales rep for Brighton Collectables has served Oh So Chic Boutique well with her advice to the co-founders on how to style many of our handmade goods and accessories. We here at Oh So Chic Boutique call her our fashionista because she has such impeccable talent when it comes to knowing what people are currently looking for in fashion and jewelry, unique handmade items, clothing and accessories. Nadine is a strong team player and provides our clients with excellent customer service and product knowledge; she also hand sews many of our originals.

Natalie Staff PageNatalie Long—Designer
Natalie has many years of experience as a payroll/accounting manager for several firms and presently works from home for a staffing agency while she also manages the care and education of her three beautiful children. Natalie is the glue that holds us all together; her energy level surpasses all of us. She often sends new creations/ideas to us at midnight after she has finished her accounting work and making sure all her children’s needs have been taken care of. Natalie’s artistic ability stems from the painting classes she enjoyed with her grandmother, as well as drawing and sketching throughout her teenage years. Her imagination for beautiful, personalized, and unique designs began years ago when she decorated for friends’ parties, including bridal and baby showers. Natalie set up and maintains Oh So Chic Boutique’s Facebook page; we are extremely blessed to have Natalie as our teammate.

Kaylyn Warner – Webmaster and specializes in embroidered gifts
Kaylyn has spent the majority of her career as an Executive Administrative Assistant for the University of California System utilizing her customer support and secretarial skills. She has worked on three UC campuses: Riverside, Irvine and Santa Barbara. After retiring from the UC System with more than 30 years of service she has worked in her home community with various fundraising efforts and plans on continuing the joy of fundraising by providing donations from Oh So Chic Boutique’s crafts to worthy school functions, etc. Kaylyn serves as the webmaster for Oh So Chic Boutique and she also loves to embroider; be sure to take a look at some of her handcrafted embroidery designs.


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